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Torbjörn Becker in SVT Aktuellt

Every week, the Swedish state pumps billions in support, grants and investments to keep Sweden in the roll. How can Sweden - which for many years saved money to reduce the central government debt - now offer a gigantic bill of money? Where does all this money come from? Torbjörn Becker explains in the latest episode of SVT Aktuellt.

In yesterday's (2020-06-03) episode of SVT Aktuellt - Torbjörn Becker, Director of Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) - explains how the Swedish state borrows money, how big is Sweden's national debt and how does the COVID-19 pandemic affect Sweden's national debt today?

Watch the episode to learn more at SVT Play - Aktuellt (Timestamp: 22:12 - 26:04) Attention! Only Swedish, no english subtitle. 

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