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2 MSEK grant for the research project "Legislative reforms and violence against women"

SITE Researchers Pamela Campa, Elena Paltseva, Maria Perrotta Berlin and Giancarlo Spagnolo were awarded 2 MSEK from Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius foundation and Tore Browaldhs foundation for their research on gender-based violence in Eastern Europe, Sweden and Canada.

Research project: "Legislative reforms and violence against women"

In this research project they plan to estimate the causal impact of the legal system on gender-based violence. Specifically, they will study three legal changes: i) the 2017 decriminalization of minor domestic violence in Russia; ii) the 2019 expanded criminalization of domestic violence in Ukraine; and iii) the 2014 asymmetric criminalization of prostitution in Canada, where only buyers are punished - the so-called ‘Nordic model’, motivated by Swedish experience. The implementation of this research project will entail large-scale data collection, the use of a variety of up-to-date surveys and econometric methods.

Violence against women is a widespread phenomenon, and public awareness of it has been increasing.  However, the effect of these recent legal changes has not been studied systematically. This project is thus both an innovative contribution to scientific and public discussion, and an important ground for informing future policy choices.

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