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This Spring, historians from all over the world have participated in, or sent their congratulations to, the 25th Anniversary conference of the AIRO-XXI publishing company. Lennart Samuelson, Affiliated Researcher at SITE, is one of them.

In 1993, renowned historian Gennadyi Bordiugov founded the Association for Studies of Russian Society in the 20th Century (AIRO-XX, today AIRO-XXI), a publishing company with important research themes and pioneering book projects.

AIRO-XXI has several tasks: to introduce Western historians' works for the Russian public, to promote the first books by Ph.D. students and young researchers, to survey changing trends in history writing in Russia, and to monitor how historically important events of Russia’s history are celebrated.

Thus, besides introducing in 2001 Lennart Samuelson's history of the Soviet military-industrial “Red Colossus”, AIRO-XXI has an impressive list of authors from the USA, Japan and Western Europe. Suffice it to mention Stephen Cohen, Haruki Wada, Andrea Graziosi and Marc Junge.A focal point for AIRO-XXI's research is the changing interpretations of Russia's turbulent twentieth century. Scholars from all over Russia and abroad contribute with surveys and analytical articles on pertinent and controversial themes. AIRO-XXI carries out monitoring of important dates in Soviet history; e.g. Victory in World War Two and the 1917 Revolution in Russia. In contrast to Western mass media, the focus is not merely on official celebrations or politicians' statements but rather on accomplishments of Russia's scholars around these anniversaries.

Interested in finding out more?

Read Lennart Samuelson's congratulation mail to AIRO-XXI (in English) or watch the interview with him concerning the importance of AIRO-XXI (in Russian).