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"Who will decide to block out the sun?" President Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate agreement opens up the possibility for countries to use radical and risky artificial options to cool down their own regions. Jesper Roine, Associate Professor at the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), writes in Sveriges Natur about the importance of continuing international negotiations on how to solve the issue climate change.

With the US leaving the climate agreements there might be less incentive for other countries to do their part. But what will happen if the emissions and the global warming continues? A potential scenario that Roine explains is that hard-hit countries might become desperate to stop the effects from climate change on their countries. One way would be to turn to cheap, unproven and potentially globally harmful solutions such as artificially blocking out the sun by sending up reflective particles in the stratosphere, not unlike the ash clouds formed after volcanic eruptions. To avoid this, Roine concludes that all countries must continue the negotiations towards a more stable climate.

Read the full article here (in Swedish). 

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