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Öppet semniarium vid Score

Torsdag 31 januari gästas Score av Lars Engwall, professor emeritus vid Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Uppsala universitet, som presenterar boken "Corporate governance in action: Regulators, Market Actors, And Scrutinizerst”. Välkommen!

Book presentation: Corporate governance in action: Regulators, Market Actors, And Scrutinizers

Over time we have seen large corporations, in many cases with multinational operations, begin to play an increasingly significant role in modern society. This in turn has put the governance of these corporations into focus.

Against this background, Corporate Governance in Action helps provide a framework for examining corporate governance through a focus provided by external pressures on large corporations. It also brings together the approach of economics and finance with theories in organization studies, such as aspects of resource dependency theory. This framework takes into consideration not only the market relations of modern corporations but also their dependence on regulators and different kind of scrutinizers.

This thoughtful book is a complete research guide that provides a new understanding and applicable framework for advanced students, academics and researchers in the area of corporate governance and the related disciplines.



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