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FROOSH – expanding into a new product category

The students in Fazer Retail Club had an insightful workshop centered around the expansion of the FROOSH brand.

As a brand renowned for its healthy and additive-free smoothies, the FROOSH team aims to leverage this success into a new beverage category. The primary task at hand was to identify the new FROOSH-product consumer, create buyer personas, and develop a draft marketing strategy tailored to these personas.

The workshop delved into understanding the potential new FROOSH consumer profile, exploring demographics, lifestyle choices, and preferences. Students collaborated to create detailed buyer personas, identifying key characteristics and motivations that would guide future marketing efforts.

The next focus was on devising an effective marketing strategy. Brainstorming led to different strategies, emphasizing channels and messaging that would resonate with the identified buyer personas. The discussion included social media engagement and experiential marketing to enhance brand visibility. The result was a concise yet comprehensive plan to propel FROOSH's new product category, building upon the brand's existing strengths in the health space.

Linnea Jagenberg & Ida Virkkunen, Key Account Managers, Fazer Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club