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Misum welcomes five new affiliated researchers

Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets recently welcomed five new affiliated researchers and a research assistant to its team. Their work spans various sustainability topics related to Misum's interdisciplinary research streams.

Paraskevi Dimakou is an affiliated researcher with the Misum Sustainable Business Development through Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform and a Postdoc Fellow at the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Her research interests focus on exchange in networks as well as on gender equality in business contexts. Pari currently works on the European Horizon project TARGETED-MPI, largely focused on supporting Higher Education and Research Organisations to implement Gender Equality Plans (GEPs).

Sofía Martínez is a Misum affiliated researcher with the Accounting Frameworks Platform and a PhD student at the Department of Accounting at SSE. She holds an M.Res. in Business and Finance from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Sofía’s research focuses on the real effects and economic consequences of disclosure regulation. Her current research studies the effects on the firm and on different stakeholders of nonfinancial mandatory reporting. Sofía is also interested in corporate governance.

Matin Mohaghegh is a Misum affiliated researcher with the Sustainable Business Development Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the House of Innovation, SSE. His research currently focuses on process improvement initiatives (e.g., lean management, agile manufacturing, and systematic problem-solving) and, in particular, how such opportunities embrace sustainability and contribute to sustainable business performance (including economic, environmental, and social benefits).

Afua Owusu-Kwarteng is affiliated with the Sustainable Business Development Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform and a PhD student at Lancaster University Management School. Afua is interested in projects that seek to promote gender equality in higher education, innovation, and development. Her current research aims to understand whether and how gender shapes the way in which women academics and researchers participate in university-industry collaboration in sub-Saharan Africa.

Jan Starmans is affiliated with the Misum Sustainable Finance Initiative and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Finance, SSE. His research interests lie in corporate finance, sustainable finance, contract theory, and search theory. He received his PhD in Finance from London Business School. He teaches the course “Sustainable Finance” in the Master in Finance program and the course “Theoretical Corporate Finance” in the PhD program.

We also welcome Ajitha Duvvuri as a research assistant with the Sustainable Finance Initiative. Ajitha has a background in banking, finance, and development issues and is interested in research projects that cover sustainable finance, household wealth management, and pension funds.

Welcome all!