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Teaching Sustainable Finance: ways to integrate sustainability in finance education

How can higher education institutions integrate sustainability issues in their finance programs? A new report published by Misum offers practical tools and advice for universities to design courses relevant to current financial and global challenges.

The global growth of sustainable finance markets and jobs has triggered an increase in practitioner and student demand for sustainable finance education. Recently created international academic groups, such as the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment (of which Stockholm School of Economics is a member), further emphasize the need to integrate sustainability in finance education. Universities have now started updating their finance curricula to meet this increasing demand for ESG and sustainability content.

A new report by Misum Affiliated Researcher Rachelle Belinga together with Mette Morsing, previous Executive Director of Misum, aims to capture how sustainable finance is being taught in universities. Its purpose is to identify crucial elements in building sustainable finance expertise and to support the further development of skills in the field. To this end, it develops two practical tools to help higher education institutions and teachers design strategies for integrating sustainability issues and course content.