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There is still time to register for our Digital Day conference

How can we build smart, sustainable and prosperous environments through digital innovation, while attending to the social aspects of technological change? Join us on 2 October in a free digital conference where we will explore three intertwined themes: smart regions, smart global knowledge networks, and smart organizations.

How we can build smart, sustainable and prosperous environments through digital innovation while ensuring that the social aspects of technological change are considered and put at the center? Come and explore with us and with top innovation experts three thematic modules:

Module 1 | Smart global knowledge networks: infrastructures and processes which allow for data collection efforts and that help accelerate innovation in healthcare. What are the challenges, opportunities, and next steps in e.g. data quality, access, usage and sharing, privacy, ownership and value creation?

Module 2 | Smart regions: actionable insights on how to use technologies in your organizations, communities, cities, and municipalities to address challenges such as sustainability, economic security, and digital inclusivity, all for the benefit of people and societies.

Module 3 | Smart organizations: what is needed for the survival and profitability of organizations in a new normal – e.g. new ways of leading, employees' and governments' roles in digital transformation processes, knowledge gaps, and the implications of AI.

The conference is free of charge and will be held fully digitally. It is organized in collaboration with the Wallenberg Foundations and Digital@Idag, an initiative with more than 300 actors and 111 locations and events highlighting digital innovation on 2 October across Sweden.

The conference is also part of the outreach program of the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Center for Innovative and Sustainable Business Development, and the Scania Center of Innovation and Operational Excellence, at the SSE House of Innovation. The SSE House of Innovation is co-funded by the Erling Persson Foundation.

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