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Post Doc Position at EIJS

We announce a Post Doc position open for application at the European Institute of Japanese Studies at Stockholm School of Economics. This is a 1-year scholarship funded position, with the possibility of one-year extension. We are preferably looking for someone interested in the fields of International Business, Economic Geography, Business and Management, Business and Strategy or the political economy of Japan and Korea.

Applicants should mainly have a background in conducting research on Japan related issues. However, applicants with a focus on Korea related issues could also be considered. We encourage research interest in any of the respective following areas:

The knowledge economy, uneven spatial economic development and connectivity. The rising importance of the knowledge and service economy impacts production networks and regional economic growth in different ways, both in Asia and on the global market. Reconfiguration of production networks and value-chains is on the agenda in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. Initiatives of re-shoring production is taking place in Asia. Here, connectivity between countries and sectors will also play a more profound future role in the knowledge economy.

Sustainability and dematerialization of markets. From a sustainability perspective new forms of service activities and combination of services and goods can change business models and market structures. The development of the circular economy is one such example.

Implications of strategic partnership initiatives. The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) between EU-Japan are of special interest. The complexity of the political economy is increasing, and the world becomes more multi-polar through these initiatives.

Other research interests and suggestions will also be evaluated.

Our working language is English but Japanese language capability is required. Please send CV as well as a short outline of research intentions to Nanhee.Lee@hhs.se. Deadline for application: 19 October 2020.