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MIRAI 2.0 Japanese-Swedish Joint Kick-off and Scientific Webinar, 7-8 October 2020

MIRAI 2.0 is an academic alliance among 19 Universities in Sweden and Japan, aiming to promote long-term research collaboration between the two countries. MIRAI 2.0 (2020-2022) builds on the former MIRAI Project (2017-2019), developing and expanding the activities of the Project further.The vision of MIRAI 2.0 is presented by the two coordinating universities; Nagoya University and the University of Gothenburg.


Wednesday, October 7

10.40-11.10 (CEST) Keynote speaker – Innovation Q&A corner

Professor Hiroaki Suga, The University of Tokyo / Founder of PeptiDream Inc.

11.10-11.55 (CEST) MIRAI Project (1.0) Speakers – Q&A corner

  • Innovation-Entrepreneurship
  • Materials Science
  • Sustainability
  • Ageing

11.55-12.00 (CEST) Closing address, Executive Vice President Kohei Miyazono, The University of Tokyo

Thursday, October 8

9.00-10.30 (CEST) Medical Perspectives from Sweden and Japan

  • COVID-19 research at Hiroshima University, Prof. Hidetoshi Tahara, Hiroshima University
  • Suddenly at risk-Older adults’ experiences of everyday life during COVID-19, Dr. Sofi Fristedt, Jönköping University
  • Overview of COVID-19 in Japan and Nagoya City, Prof. Tetsuya Yagi, Nagoya University
  • A bioinspired exosome-like COVID-19 vaccine developed from engineered bacterial membranes, Prof Jan Lötvall, University of Gothenburg

10.30-12.00 (CEST) Policy and Management Perspectives from Sweden and Japan

  • COVID-19 and Sweden’s exceptionalism. A spotlight on the cracks in the social fabric of the mature welfare state, Prof. Malin Rönnblom, Kalstad University
  • COVID-19 from a Japanese policy and economic perspective, Prof. Shunsuke Managi, Kyushu University
  • COVID-19 and Academia – How the pandemic affected Swedish HEI, Prof. Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor, Umeå University
  • Post COVID-19 and HE under new normal conditions, virtual educational tools and improving quality assurance of education, Prof. Aiji Tanaka, President, Waseda University

Detaild Program and Registraion Link

Background of MIRAI:

​MIRAI is an academic consortium that was initiated based on the discussion at the "Japan-Sweden University Presidents’ Summit" in October of 2015, to strengthen academic exchanges and research collaboration between Sweden and Japan.

​MIRAI Project was adopted as a pilot project of the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) and was launched in 2017 as a three-year project. From 2017-2019 seven Swedish and eight Japanese Universities joined together in the MIRAI Project; ‘Connecting Swedish and Japanese universities through research, education and innovation’.

MIRAI 2.0 Members:

Member universities agreed to expand the number of participating universities by inviting other Swedish and Japanese higher education institutions to join. Currently there are 8 universities from Japan and 11 universities from Sweden participating in MIRAI 2.0.

Japan - Hiroshima University, Hokkaido University, Kyushu University, Nagoya University, Sophia University, The University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, Waseda University

Sweden - Jönköping University, Karlstad University, Linköping University, Linnaeus University, Luleå University of Technology, Lund University, Örebro University, Stockholm School of Economics *, Umeå University, Universtiy of Gothenburg, Uppsala University 

*Associate member



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