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Publication updates from Dr. Klas A.M. Eriksson

Thrilled to share the latest publications and media highlights from our esteemed postdoc fellow, Dr. Klas A. M. Eriksson.

1. "A real-estate price index for Stockholm, 1726–1875."

  • Academic Research: Uncover historical insights and a real estate price index for Stockholm
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2. "Public-Steering and Private-Performing Sectors: Success and Failures in the Swedish Finance, Telecoms, and City Planning Sectors"

  • Academic Research: Explore post-World War II Sweden, examining state-run sectors and privatization.
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3. "Gournay Lives! The Freedom of Labor in a Three-Part Exchange of the 1750s."

  • Translation of Academic Research: Discover Vincent de Gournay's ideas on the freedom of labor.
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4. "Ekonomisk tillväxt är en historisk parentes"

  • Media Article: A Swedish essay reflecting on the historical context of economic growth.
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5. "I städerna formas civilisationen"

  • Media Article: Dive into an essay in Swedish discussing the role of urbanization in civilization.
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6. "Staten och kapitalet"

  • Media Article: Read a critical essay in Swedish challenging ideas on state-run innovations.
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7. "Förklara din forskning 2023 – Våra drömmars stad med Klas A M Eriksson"

  • Interview on Axess TV: Gain insights into Klas A. M. Eriksson's doctoral dissertation.
  • Watch here