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Pollution and the COVID-19 pandemic: Air quality in Eastern Europe

16 February 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to a pre-existing threat to global health: the quality of air in cities around the world. Prolonged exposure to air pollution has been found to increase the mortality rate of COVID-19. This is a particular concern for much of Eastern Europe, where emissions regularly exceed safe levels.

Selective attention and the importance of types for information campaigns

27 January 2021
Can we improve the potential for information to induce individual climate-change curbing action by focusing on individual types? In this paper Maria Perrotta Berlin, Assistant Professor at SITE, and her co-author try to contribute to the understanding of the persistence and increase of meat eating in the face of mounting evidence on the ills of meat production and consumption by considering the role of selective attention and learning.

Long-term unemployment on its rise – a blow to the Swedish economy?

31 August 2020
"The longer a person is unemployed, the greater the probability that the individual will not return to work at all. And even if we recover from the pandemic, it is not certain that those people will return", Jesper Roine explains the risk of longterm-unemployment in a recent interview in Dagens industri.

Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice

07 December 2016
by Chloé Le Coq (with Marieke Bos and Peter van Santen), Swedish House of Finance Research Paper

Confining the Coase Theorem: Contracting, Ownership, and Free-riding

18 February 2016
by Elena Paltseva (with Tore Ellingsen), published in The Review of Economic Studies

It's good to be first: order bias in reading and citing NBER working papers

08 July 2015
by Ina Ganguli (with Daniel R. Feenberg, Patrick Gaule and Jonathan Gruber), NBER Working paper

Long-Run Trends in the Distribution of Income and Wealth

25 April 2014
by Jesper Roine (with Daniel Waldenström), SITE Working Paper

Promises and Conventions – An Approach to Pre-Play Agreements

01 July 2013
by Topi Miettinen, published on Games and Economic Behavior

Networks of relations and Word-of-Mouth Communication

01 July 2011
by Giancarlo Spagnolo (with Steffen Lippert), published in the Games and Economic Behavior

How do people value extended warranties? Evidence from two field surveys

14 May 2010
by Marieke Huysentruyt (with D. Read), published in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
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