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Erling Persson Visiting Professor Amy Edmondson to visit SSE

02 May 2022
On Monday May 9, Erling Persson Visiting Professor Amy Edmondson will begin a two-week visit to the House of Innovation and the Swedish House of Finance.

Financial aid to Ukrainian reconstruction: Loans vs grants

01 May 2022
This brief provides an overview of the discussion on the relative merits of grants and loans in the literature on foreign aid, including a short section on debt relief initiatives. These claims are then tested against the context of Ukrainian post-war reconstruction, and it is argued that the case for providing grants is very strong. This argument is based on the magnitude of the investments needed, the need to create a long-run sustainable economy, the road towards a future EU membership, and the global value of a democratic and prosperous Ukraine as a bulwark against autocratic forces.

New SSE dissertation by Henrik Talborn

29 April 2022
New SSE dissertation in Finance published

What are the effects of banning Russian oil and gas across the EU?

29 April 2022
Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, the West has been contemplating sanctions on Russian oil and gas imports. For the EU, this plan poses a significant challenge due to the long-existing sizable dependency on Russian energy. In this brief, we outline the possible effects of banning Russian oil and gas on the energy import bill across the EU.

Handels x Mejan 2022

28 April 2022
As last year we are launching Handels x Mejan: an exhibition with four newly graduated master students from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (also known as Mejan) at the SSE Campus. The exhibition is curated by the students in Art Division, SSE (also known as Handels), and will take place on campus (Sveavägen 65) until June 3.

Sons are favored in family firms – but daughters do better

28 April 2022
Sons are much likelier than daughters to take over the family firm – despite the fact that businesses run by daughters outperform those run by sons. This according to new research from the Stockholm School of Economics and Jönköping International Business School.

SSE Art Initiative inspires business leader Lovisa Hamrin

27 April 2022
During a conversation with SSE President Lars Strannegård, where they discovered their common view on knowledge and learning, Business Leader and alum Lovisa Hamrin heard about the SSE Art Initiative. She has now decided to invest in the art project, an initiative that suits her personal commitment well.

Resell at H&M

27 April 2022
H&M's Retail Club had a sustainability workshop about resell.

Successful Stockholm Culture Night at SSE

25 April 2022
On Saturday April 24, SSE took part in Stockholm Culture Night for the second time. The school opened the doors to the public and offered a program with art, architecture, music, and literature. Nearly all guided art tours were fully booked, and over 1000 visitors came in total. The SSE student choir Friedmans Apostlar gave two very appreciated concerts.

”Det tar åtta sekunder att byta perspektiv”

25 April 2022
Ekonomiprofessor Micael Dahlen älskar siffror. De hjälper honom att förstå och hantera tillvaron. I SvD:s serie ”Livet i siffror” använder han dem för att vända och vrida på ämnen som lycka och välmående.