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SITE Seminar | Industrial policy and global public goods provision: Rethinking the environmental trade agreement

Welcome to the next SITE seminar! On 30 April, Pia Andres, PhD student from London School of Economics, will present her working paper entitled "Industrial policy and global public goods provision: Rethinking the environmental trade agreement" at SSE.

Working paper title: 'Industrial policy and global public goods provision: Rethinking the environmental trade agreement'

By: Pia Andres


Countries around the world employ anti-dumping duties, local content requirements and other protectionist measures to safeguard their low carbon industries, inadvertently inflating downstream costs. Concurrently, they attribute insufficient climate action to the economic burden of mitigation efforts. This paper introduces a strategic model featuring two countries, two time periods, and trade in a clean technology in a set up with differential production costs and imperfect competition. The findings suggest that when production cost disparities surpass a critical threshold, and learning-by-doing facilitates catch-up for the laggard, opting for autarky during Stage 1 can enhance overall welfare for both countries. This result is strengthened when both countries use consumer subsidies. Furthermore, when both consumer and producer subsidies are available, the Subgame Perfect Nash Equilibrium involves both trade and production subsidies on the part of the laggard country and the same welfare payoffs as perfect competition. The analysis suggests that an environmental trade agreement is most likely to be beneficial if production subsidies for clean technology are permitted.

About the speaker

Pia Andres is currently completing her PhD in Environmental Economics at the London School of Economics. (Click on "Expand" below to learn more)

She recently joined the Centre for Economic Performance as a Research Economist in Productive and Inclusive Net Zero and the Programme on Innovation and Diffusion.

She's particularly interested in the interdependencies between technological change, trade and geopolitics, and what they imply for the just transition towards a low carbon economy, as well as technological transitions more broadly.

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