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Higher Seminar in Economics with Andrea Prat

Department of Economics is welcoming you to online seminar with Andrea Prat, Columbia University. This is an online seminar which will take place via Zoom.

Welcome to Higher Seminar in Economics organised by the Department of Economics, SSE. The seminar speaker is Andrea Prat, Columbia University.

Andrea Prat, Columbia University


Andrea Prat is the Richard Paul Richman Professor of Business at Columbia Business School and Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, Columbia University. 

Professor Prat's work focuses on organizational economics and political economy. His current research in organizational economics explores - through theoretical modeling, field experiments, and data analysis - issues such as organizational design, corporate leadership, employee motivation, and optimal disclosure. His current research in political economy attempts to define and measure the influence of the media industry on the democratic process.

This is an online seminar which will take place via Zoom. The link to the seminar will be distrubted by invitation only. Please contact lyudmila.vafaeva@hhs.se if you would like to attend the seminar.

Dept. of Economics Seminar in economics Webinar

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