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Market Art Fair: panelsamtal

Welcome to this conversation at the Market Art Fair on May 18.

For ten years, Stockholm School of Economics has embedded contemporary art at the school to support the school's educational mission FREE (fact based, reflective, empathetic and entrepreneurial). How does this affect the students? Do we get better future leaders?

Participants: Emma Johnsson (SSE student), Flora Öhd (SSE student), STF: artist, economist, DJ, pop star, Shannon Felländer-Tsai´s alter ego. Shannon Felländer-Tsai is an alumn from SSE and Idun Lovén, Jacob Dahlgren (Artist), Pamela Schultz Nybacka (Researcher at Södertörns Högskola), Tinni Ernsjöö Rappe (Director SSE Art Initiative). Moderated by: Robert Stasinski (Editor in Chief, Konstnären)

See full program here.


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