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Art talk: Theodor Ringborg from Konsthall Tornedalen

Welcome to this art talk with Theodor Ringborg, director of Konsthall Tornedalen - a cultural institution under construction in the village Vitsaniemi with 63 inhabitants just south of the arctic circle. February 14, 12.15-13 in The Yinka Shonibare Room (CHANGED VENUE DUE TO BIG INTEREST)


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Konsthall Tornedalen is a unique cultural institution under construction in Vitsaniemi, a village in Tornedalen just south of the arctic circle, right on the bank of the Torne River. 63 people live there. 

Tornedalen is the language-region of the Meänkieli speaking minority group Tornedalingar. It encompasses a vast area through which the Torne River flows, conjoining parts of Sweden, Finland and Sápmi. Archeological excavations show that people have lived here since the end of the ice-age, 11.000 years ago. 

The modern history of Tornedalen is one of languages suppressed and borders drawn. Just recently, a Truth and Reconciliation Committee published a damning report on the States’ abuse of the people in this region. It is also a vibrant culture of poetry and art from life lived in-tune with a shifting and demanding environment.

The talk will focus on the reasons why Konsthall Tornedalen is being built but also how one builds an arts institution in a rural village of 63 people. It will also concern the historical and contemporary Tornedalen as well as some of the many times overlooked Norrbothnian art history. 

The talk is held by Theodor Ringborg, director of Konsthall Tornedalen. Ringborg was previously artistic director of Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm. He received his PhD from Goldsmiths University, London and now lives in Tornedalen. 

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Contact: Tinni Rappe, 0708-36 66 41, tinni.rappe@hhs.se

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