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Closing the Gender Gap in Education: What is the State of Gaps in Labor Force Participation for Women, Wives and Mothers?

01 September 2013
by Ina Ganguli (with Ricardo Hausmann and Martina Viarengo), published in International Labour Review

Petro Rents, Political Institutions, and Hidden Wealth: Evidence from Offshore Bank Accounts

19 August 2013
by Elena Paltseva (with Jørgen Juel Andersen, Niels Johannesen, and David Dreyer Lassen), published in the Journal of the European Economic Association

Hidden Redistribution in Higher Education

13 August 2013
By Maria Perrotta Berlin, SITE Working Paper

Scientific Brain Drain and Human Capital Formation After the End of the Soviet Union

01 August 2013
by Ina Ganguli, Centre of Migration Research Working Paper, Nr 62 (120)

Promises and Conventions – An Approach to Pre-Play Agreements

01 July 2013
by Topi Miettinen, published on Games and Economic Behavior

Reputation, Competition and Entry in Procurement

23 December 2012
by Giancarlo Spagnolo, forthcoming in the International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2012, Papers and Proceedings, 30(3), 291-296

The Private Provision of Excludable Public Goods: An Inefficiency Result

22 December 2012
by Elena Paltseva (with Tore Ellingsen), published in the Journal of Public Economics

Collocation and Scientific Collaboration: Evidence from a Field Experiment

20 December 2012
by Ina Ganguli (with Kevin Boudreau, Tom Brady, Patrick Gaule, Tony Hollenberg, Eva Guinan and Karim Lakhani), Harvard Business School Working Paper 13-023

The Resource Curse and its Potential Reversal

19 December 2012
by Jesper Roine (with A. Boschini, and Jan Pettersson), published in the World Development

Reputation and Entry

14 December 2012
by Giancarlo Spagnolo (with J. Butler, E. Carbone, and P. Conzo), SITE Working Paper