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Political Man on Horseback Coups and Development

05 April 2016
by Erik Meyersson, Working paper

The Nature of Swedish-Russian Capital Flows

15 March 2016
by Torbjörn Becker, SITE Working Paper

Confining the Coase Theorem: Contracting, Ownership, and Free-riding

18 February 2016
by Elena Paltseva (with Tore Ellingsen), published in The Review of Economic Studies

Leniency, Asymmetric Punishment and Corruption. Evidence from China

19 October 2015
by Maria Perrotta Berlin and Giancarlo Spagnolo (with Bei Qin), SITE Working paper

Trust, Leniency and Deterrence

01 October 2015
by Chloé Le Coq and Giancarlo Spagnolo (with Maria Bigoni and Sven-Olof Fridolfsson, published in the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization)

It's good to be first: order bias in reading and citing NBER working papers

08 July 2015
by Ina Ganguli (with Daniel R. Feenberg, Patrick Gaule and Jonathan Gruber), NBER Working paper

On the effects of group identity in strategic environments

25 March 2015
by Chloé Le Coq (with James Tremewan and Alexander K. Wagner), published in the European Economic Review

Preparing for Genocide: Community Work in Rwanda

04 March 2015
by Evelina Bonnier (with Jonas Poulsen, Thorsten Rogall and Miri Stryjan), SITE Working paper

Leniency and Damages

25 February 2015
by Catarina Marvao and Giancarlo Spagnolo (with Paolo Buccirossiy), SITE Working paper

The Impact of a Food for Education Program on Schooling in Cambodia

02 February 2015
by Maria Perrotta Berlin (with Maria Cheung), published in Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies.