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Financial Incentives for Whistleblowers: A Short Survey

22 October 2019
Working paper: Whistleblower reward programs, or “bounty regimes”, are increasingly used in the United States. According to Professor Spagnolo and his co-auhtor, the effectiveness of these programs has been questioned, and empirical evidence on their effectiveness have been scarce likely due to their relatively recent introduction.

Russia’s macroeconomy — a closer look at growth, investment, and uncertainty

28 June 2019
Working paper: This paper looks at economic growth and its fundamental determinants in Russia over the last decades. It starts by showing that, contrary to the views of some political commentators, growth is highly important for the popularity of president Putin.

Russia’s economy and regional spillovers

13 June 2019
Working paper: This paper looks at how the Russian economy has developed under the leadership of Putin and how it spills over to its neighbours in the CIS region.

Financial Contracts as Coordination Device

13 June 2019
Working paper: This paper studies the use of financial contracts as bid-coordinating device in multi-unit uniform price auctions.

Finding cooperators: Sorting through repeated interaction

28 March 2018
By Mark Bernard (with Jack Fanning and Sevgi Yuksel), Article in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Myths and Numbers on Whistleblower Rewards

21 March 2018
By Giancarlo Spagnolo and Theo Nyreröd

Signaling Dissent: Political Behavior in the Arab World

21 March 2018
By Anders Olofsgård, Raj M. Desai and Tarik Yousef

Imperfect Financial Markets as a Commitment Device for the Government

21 December 2017
By Jenny Simon, Working Paper

Optimal Debt Bias in Corporate Income Taxation

21 December 2017
By Jenny Simon, Working Paper

The Political Economy of Multilateral Aid Funds

21 December 2017
By Jenny Simon (with Justin Valasek)

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