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Spillover effects from the nordic model of prostitution legislation

09 May 2023
Several countries, including France, Canada, and Israel, have adopted the Nordic model of prostitution legislation to combat sexual exploitation. However, researchers from SITE highlight that these reforms might unintentionally increase sex tourism, necessitating comprehensive policy considerations.

European democracy through the lens of party manifestos

09 May 2023
In this policy brief, researchers from SITE explores the challenges of quantifying political discourse using 30 years of party manifestos. It analyzes the evolution of dominant topics in European politics, particularly in transition countries. The brief utilizes data from the Manifesto Project to describe the development of political discourse in Europe, emphasizing differences between Western European countries and Eastern European transition economies.

New board member elected at SITE

04 May 2023
The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) is pleased to welcome a newly elected board member, Kristian Andersson, CEO of SEB Ukraine.

Ukraine's finance minister Marchenko on the current situation in Ukraine and EU accession

03 May 2023
On 28 April, 2023, the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) and the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) organized a high-level discussion with keynote speaker Sergii Marchenko, Minister of Finance of Ukraine at the Stockholm School of Economics. Read the highlights from the event to learn more!

Call for papers | Democratic backsliding and electoral autocracies

20 April 2023
The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) and the Forum for Research on Media and Democracy in Eastern Europe (FROMDEE) invites paper submissions to a one-day conference on “Democratic backsliding and electoral autocracies” with a keynote lecture by Arturas Rozenas (New York University) on 13 October 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The media's power to affect behavioral change during COVID-19 in Sweden

20 April 2023
Increased media coverage of COVID-19 led to more individuals taking preventive measures such as hand washing, social distancing, and wearing masks, new research from the Stockholm School of Economics and Jönköping University shows. This highlights the important role that accurate and timely reporting plays in promoting public health measures during a pandemic.

Russia’s data warfare

18 April 2023
In this brief SITE researchers, Anna Anisimova and Cecilia Smitt Meyer, present a short overview of some of the most important statistics on Russia’s economic performance no longer publicly available. They also discuss some alternative measures to track the Russian economy which can be used to provide more accurate assessments of the effect of sanctions and thus reduce the impact of Russia’s data warfare.

Media coverage and pandemic behaviour: Evidence from Sweden

13 April 2023
In this policy brief, researchers Marcel Garz (Jönköping University) and Maiting Zhuang (SITE) illustrate the media's power to affect behavioural change, using the Swedish experience during Covid-19 as an example.

Back from the ashes: Swedish and global contribution to Ukraine’s reconstruction

05 April 2023
What role should Sweden and the EU have when it is time to rebuild Ukraine with development aid and other means? Read the Expert Group For Aid Studies (EBA) report written by SITE's researchers Anders Olofsgård and Maria Perrotta Berlin.

Call for papers | The playing field in academia: Why are women still underrepresented?

17 March 2023
The Forum for Research on Gender Economics (FROGEE) together with the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA) and the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) invites academic papers to a conference held in Warsaw, entitled: “The playing field in academia: Why are women still underrepresented?”