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Mariette Kristenson

"Case discussions very rewarding". Mariette Kristenson - MBA, CEO, Reitan Convenience Norway AS, Oslo Area

What impressed you most about the SSE MBA program?
The strong bonds that developed between the participants and the international character of the program. The high proportion of international participants really added a dimension, as they brought experiences from large international organizations to the classroom. Differences in corporate culture and organization as well as strategy execution and management style became apparent and the “Swedish model” was challenged in a refreshing way.
In addition, I found the classroom teaching and the case discussions very rewarding, as they were focused, stimulating and challenging. The participant contributed with different perspectives and an open attitude prevailed.

How do you think your employer has benefitted from your participation?
I have improved my ability to view challenges and opportunities from a larger perspective. Coming from a marketing and sales background, I have improved my ability to take the financial perspective into account earlier in the process.
I have also honed my skills in driving large change projects, all the way from planning to execution and follow-up. The MBALive® project that my group undertook for my employer has proved valuable to the organization.

What’s important to think about before joining the program?
That you and your employer have agreed on a development plan for your career. And before you “leave for the program” you should make sure that your department or team can manage well without you every fifth week.

How do you feel about your fellow participants?
I have gained a personal network of friends that I treasure both from a professional and a personal point of view. It is very refreshing to meet people from other industries, with different educational background and varying nationalities.

Do you have any advice for future SSE MBA participants?
Try to leave your regular job behind during the weeks spent in school and make sure you are really present, mentally as well as physically.