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Jenny Lantz

"I introduce perspectives that might not come naturally". Jenny Lantz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor SSE MBA Program Director, SSE, Stockholm

Not all MBA programs have a program director. What is your role?
As program director I guide the participants to make connections between the courses, many times by highlighting the need to switch perspectives. I also help promote the integration of various learning components. I introduce perspectives that might not come naturally to some participants, given that they come from different academic and professional backgrounds. I also pick up on questions and problems within the group.

In your opinion, what are the major strengths of the SSE MBA Program?
The combination of theory and practice. The MBALiveĀ® components, for example, offer a solid connection between the academic learning in class and the day-to-day operations of actual businesses.
The different backgrounds and experiences of the participants add greatly to the learning experience. Feedback and experience sharing from the participants brings a fresh and sometimes unexpected take on lectures and class discussions.

What do you hope to convey to the participants?
I hope to strengthen their ability to see things with a fresh set of eyes and combine several different perspectives in looking at their own organization. In assuming different perspectives, they are able to identify a wider range of challenges as well as opportunities, in a faster and more efficient multidimensional way.

What sort of feedback do you get from the participants after graduation?
Meeting them at the end of the program it always becomes very clear to me that they have discovered new perspectives and that they are able to impress people with their renewed ability to view issues from more than one angle. They have gained self-confidence and feel much more at ease across their organization and in dealing with colleagues from different backgrounds.

They also tell me how much they are using the network they have established with the other participants over the two years, and how they are able to help one another when encountering challenges.