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Learning Philosophy

The program employs a multifaceted learning approach, in which pedagogical tools vary depending on the subject area and problem type. SSE MBA is guided by four learning pillars, each corresponding to different learning styles.
"They have a great variety of teaching styles, great teachers, lectures and casework. The live projects we work with are based on real life experiences where we for example used my company for one of them.”
Ane Nordahl Carlsen, SSE MBA class of 2018
  • Theoretical
    Our MBA is an academic program based on research to improve your analytical capabilities. Our faculty consists of active researchers, all acknowledged authorities in their areas of expertise.

  • Practical
    The program brings hands-on action and real-world experiences to the classroom through cases, live change projects, and the experiences of the participants. It's all about using the models and implementing what you learn.

  • Reflective
    Reflection is one of the central pedagogical tools employed in our program, and aims at shaping a mental and social space where meaning can be created and learning take place.

  • Skills-focused
    You'll be given ample opportunity to develop your personal leadership style through coaching and training in areas such as idea generation, negotiation and presentation.

The four learning pillars are supported by the pedagogical backbone of SSE: dedicated faculty, practice orientation, and problem-driven learning.

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