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Individual Coaching

The objective of the SSE MBA Coaching Program is to empower you to Realize Your Full Potential as a leader personally and professionally.
Hi. I just want to thank you for the coaching. I have landed a new job as KAM and am responsible for my organization’s most important customer. I have 110 employees that I'm responsible for and the sky is the limit. Thanks again and I hope we meet up soon.
SSE MBA alum

The coaches will support, inspire and challenge you to see, believe and achieve your potential as a leader. The program will focus on how to lead and manage your career and develop your leadership coaching skills. The coaches will work with the participants individually, in group sessions and through a peer-to-peer coaching program.

The coaching program is a key feature of LeadershipLive and focus is on achieving valuable tangible results, and for you to apply your coaching knowledge in a practical way, while working on the real challenges you face during the program.


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