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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

That innovation and entrepreneurship constitute the key drivers of organizational formation, growth and competitive advantage is widely recognized. Less known is the fact that because innovation and entrepreneurship processes occur in extremely uncertain and turbulent contexts, they have to be managed differently from "business-as-usual", requiring managers to learn and practice a different set of skills and tools.

Innovation and entrepreneurship constitute the core in organizational formation, survival and growth. This concentration focuses on how to achieve growth through continuous innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation is treated in a broad sense, referring to innovation in products and services as well as to innovation in business processes. For start-ups, innovation is one of the entrepreneur's primary tools. However, innovation and entrepreneurship are not restricted to start-ups. They are equally important for large established firms. Innovation managment, change management, corporate entrepreneurship and the use of information technology all play a role in driving business renewal, and in this concentration you will explore themes in these areas in order to effectively lead renewal processes.

Innovation and entrepreneurship will also characterize the pedagogy of this concentration. We will "walk the talk" by using new learning technologies and best practices from emerging educational institutions, e.g., accelerators, and by addressing real live challenges presented by prominent people from the business community. The innovative spirit of Stockholm and its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem offer a perfect setting for this concentration.

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