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Participant Profile

Participants in SSE MBA Executive Format are ambitious and talented executives, eager to learn more and take on new challenges. They want to get a better understanding of how to successfully do business and need a more solid foundation to support their daily work and their decision making.

SSE MBA class of 2020

The SSE MBA is a program for people with a passion for business development and learning and with the drive to enhance their skills and network. Our participants already have promising careers and full-time jobs. Still they manage to dedicate time to studies. This requires motivation as well as an ability to manage and prioritize. 

The SSE MBA class of 2020

48 participants with an average age of 40, age span 29 to 50, and an average working experience of 14 years. 40 % are women and 42 % come from outside Sweden, 13 countries represented.

Each class is carefully assembled by the Admissions Team. We strive for diversity in the class. A more diverse group makes for broader case discussions, more perspectives, better learning – and excellent networks.

Our classes represent a wide range of backgrounds. Your fellow participants will typically represent industries such as manufacturing, automotive, forestry, health care, pharmaceuticals, IT, telecom, banking etc. Participants may work in small companies, large multinationals, or the public sector, and some are entrepreneurs or researchers. With about 50 participants in each group, around half will have a non-Swedish or multinational background, and most will have extensive international experience academically and/or professionally. 

This is where 
you build a priceless international network of experts in all fields, and a sounding board for your ideas and challenges . A network that will last.


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