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Career Module with Systembolaget

06 April 2022
The second-year students in Systembolaget's Retail Club had a workshop centred around career planning.

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and q-commerce

06 April 2022
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) had a workshop on the company and the emerging phenomenon of q-commerce.

Customer Insights at ICA

06 April 2022
Marie Håkansson, together with Sofie Johansson and Oscar Danielsson, all Customer Insight Managers at ICA, held a workshop at the ICA Head Office in Solna for the ICA Retail Club.

KAM only session at HUI Research

30 March 2022
The Key Account Managers in the Retail Clubs were invited for a "fika" and workshop on the future of retail at HUI.

Self-Leadership at ICA

29 March 2022
Marvin Liljegren, Head of UX & Design at ICA, held an inspirational theme lecture on ICA's Self-Leadership model.

Portfolio brand growth and circular economy at H&M

23 March 2022
H&M's Retail Club had a workshop about expansion/growth and sustainability.

Career Module with Clas Ohlson

09 March 2022
The second-year students from Clas Ohlson's Retail Club had their Career Module.

Assortment Strategy at Clas Ohlson

23 February 2022
Clas Ohlson's Retail Club had a workshop about assortment.

Sustainable Marketing at Coop

18 February 2022
Coop's Retail Club had a workshop on the strategic creation of marketing concepts.

Marketing Analytics workshop with Prof. Bruce Hardie (LBS)

09 February 2022
On Feb 1, Prof. Bruce Hardie from London Business School gave a talk about his research journey from a person “without statistics and mathematics background” to one of the most influential quantitive marketing researchers of our time.