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Confining the Coase Theorem: Contracting, Ownership, and Free-riding

18 February 2016
by Elena Paltseva (with Tore Ellingsen), published in The Review of Economic Studies

It's good to be first: order bias in reading and citing NBER working papers

08 July 2015
by Ina Ganguli (with Daniel R. Feenberg, Patrick Gaule and Jonathan Gruber), NBER Working paper

Long-Run Trends in the Distribution of Income and Wealth

25 April 2014
by Jesper Roine (with Daniel Waldenström), SITE Working Paper

Promises and Conventions – An Approach to Pre-Play Agreements

01 July 2013
by Topi Miettinen, published on Games and Economic Behavior

Networks of relations and Word-of-Mouth Communication

01 July 2011
by Giancarlo Spagnolo (with Steffen Lippert), published in the Games and Economic Behavior

How do people value extended warranties? Evidence from two field surveys

14 May 2010
by Marieke Huysentruyt (with D. Read), published in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Child Benefit Support and Method of Payment: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Belgium

01 May 2010
by Marieke Huysentruyt (with E. Lefevere), published in the American Economic Journal

Common Trends and Shocks to Top Incomes: A Structural Breaks Approach

03 March 2010
by Jesper Roine (with D. Waldenström), published in the Review of Economics and Statistics