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Do military coups affect economic development?

17 September 2015
Erik Meyersson, assistant professor at SITE, has carried out research to show for the first time that military coups overthrowing autocratic leaders result in a very different kind of event than those overthrowing democratically elected leaders.

Meditating Managers make better decisions

27 August 2015
Managers who have a meditative approach to work can include more and broader perspectives when making important decisions, which may ultimately lead to the development of operations in a more sustainable way. 

Russia plans new gas supply routes to Europe sidestepping Ukraine

03 August 2015
Chloé Le Coq, an assistant professor at the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, comments about Russia’s plans to build a new offshore gas pipeline across the Black Sea and Turkey on financial daily news service Dagens industri.

Presentation order can be a powerful determinant of choice in a list-based environment

14 July 2015
New research paper by Ina Ganguli, affiliated researcher at SITE and assistant professor of Economics at University of Massachusetts Amherst, published by National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) sheds light on how order in the list of economics papers in a weekly email newsletter can affect the viewing and citation rate of scientific research papers.

Distinguished scholars and practitioners discuss finance for sustainable development

30 June 2015
SITE has published a policy brief that covers a discussion on how to reduce extreme poverty by incentivizing private aid and private investment in developing countries and secure development finance to fragile states.

New report: Stockholm FinTech

23 June 2015
The new report by SSE researchers shows that investments in Swedish Fintech companies increased sharply last year.

The Sharing Economy is focus in new report by SSE researchers

17 June 2015
The underlying motives for the sharing economy is to reduce untapped overcapacity in both goods and services in order to match supply and demand at low transaction costs. As new digital platforms are replacing traditional intermediaries, new structures are created for both society and business.​

SITE participates in creation of the largest international academic in-depth database of social enterprises

15 June 2015
The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) together with research institutes from Belgium, China, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain and UK has started to survey 1000 social enterprises across Europe, Russia and China.

SAVE THE DATE for SITE Academic conference, 31 August - 1 September 2015

28 May 2015
The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) and the Association of Swedish Development Economists (ASWEDE) has the pleasure to invite you the SITE Academic conference "Fighting Corruption in Developing and Transition Countries".

"Finance for Sustainable Development" conference highlights and speakers’ presentations

14 May 2015
On May 11 the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs organized Development Day 2015 at the Stockholm School of Economics. As in previous years, the conference gathered a mix of international scholars and practitioners from the public, private and civil society sectors. We hope that all of more than 100 participants enjoyed the conference and we will meet again next year at Development Day 2016.

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