Name your chair in the Aula.

Leave your mark on the Stockholm School of Economics' Aula by donating 50,000 SEK to the restoration of the heart of the school. You'll receive the opportunity to select a chair and put your name on it.

Donate to the restoration of the heart of SSE

Nobel laureates, politicians, and some of the top professors in the world have stood on the stage in the Aula since its inauguration in 1929, and together we have contributed to more than five million individual sittings in the room. You have sat in the Aula chairs, attended lectures, taken exams and perhaps even received your diploma there.

The Aula is the heart of the school and has been open for daily events for over 90 years. Time has taken its toll and today, the room is in absolute need of a proper restoration and modernization to regain its former glory and better fit our students, teachers and community.

By donating 50,000 SEK to the restoration of the Aula you will be able to put your name on a chair in the room for generations to come. 

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