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Incoming Exchange Students

Welcome to SSE! The Stockholm School of Economics hosts about 180 exchange students every year.

The Program Office administrates the exchange program and assists students and their coordinators before, throughout and after the exchange period.

Here you will find useful information about studying at SSE and living in Stockholm. This will also be an important information channel for you during your exchange semester at SSE. Please note that we are unable to host free movers.

To-do list

Exchange Students who have been nominated by their home schools will receive a first information pack by email after the nomination deadline.

The first information pack will be sent electronically to the nominated students and by regular mail to the partner schools for further distribution to the  students. This pack contains an acceptance letter that might be useful for those who need to apply for Visa.

The following information packs will be dispatched by email directly to the students. These will contain personal login details to the SSE Portal, how to register for courses, housing application, instructions on how to get to the school etc.


Once you have been nominated by your home school, you need to register online. You will receive an email with more details.


SSE can offer rooms and apartments to the majority of incoming exchange students. Nominated students are able to apply for housing in advance. The online housing application link will be sent out by e-mail.

Apply for Visa

If you are not a European citizen, you need to use the acceptance letter you receive after you registered via our online system to apply for a Visa through your local Swedish Embassy or Consulate. Make sure to do this as soon as possible since the process may take up to eight weeks. For more information about how to apply, visit the Swedish Migration Board, and Sweden Abroad for information about how to find your local Swedish Embassy or Consulate.

Register for courses

You will receive your personal login and password to the SSE Portal before the course registration opens. This will allow you to register for courses. Please log in to the SSE Portal as soon as possible to change your password and make sure you know how and when to register for courses


Students who have been nominated by their home school to go to SSE for an exchange period need to register in April/October.

Only nominated students from our Partner Schools are accepted. Free movers are not accepted.

Nominated students going to SSE for the spring semester will be invited to fill in our online registration form in October/November. Students coming in fall term will be invited to fill in the registration form in April.


The semester is divided in two study periods. Through the course web, students sign up for courses and view their schedules.

One semester of full time studies corresponds to four courses or 30 credits (ECTS). The semester is divided into two study periods, each of them ending with an exam week.

Exchange BSc in Business & Economics - courses offered
Exchange MSc in Business & Economics - courses offered

SSE has a computerized system for registration to courses, seminar groups and exams: the SSE Portal. This system also enables students to check their grades and make printouts of these. A personalized password enabling access to the SSE Portal via internet is sent to future exchange students with the first information package.

Unfortunately courses may collide and we therefore recommend you to try to choose a combination of courses that do not clash too much. Please check the exam schedule to make sure the exams do not collide.

You are only allowed to register for two courses per period, three if one of them is a language course. If you wish to add a third course (which is not a language course) you will have to send an application by e-mail to the exchange coordinators at the Program Office.

Students enrolled in a 3-year Bachelor's program at their home university are welcome to follow 3-digit courses from the 3rd year of the Bachelor's Program. Remember to check the exam schedule and the language of instruction; since  these courses are part of the SSE Bachelor's Program, the exam schedule might differ slightly from the Master's Program and some of the courses are given in Swedish only.

Students enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate program and are on their 4th year of studies at their home university, they might be able to follow courses at SSE on both BSc and MSc level. Please contact the Program Office for more information.

Master students can follow all courses with a 4 digit number as well as courses from the 3rd year of the Bachelor's Program, if the home school gives its permission.

The educational programs at Stockholm School of Economics are based on research and stress a theoretical and analytical approach. Since the School’s foundation, Economics has occupied a stronger position in the curriculum than at most business schools.

The teaching methodology is a mixture of American and European teaching methods and theories. Some courses are characterized by more traditional teaching, with lectures, written course assignments and seminars.

In other courses the teaching is to a great extent based on cases; active participation in class is expected and contributes to the final grade. Many of the courses require substantial preparatory reading.

The contacts between students and faculty members are rather informal at SSE. Feel free to contact your professors if you have any questions regarding the courses you are taking.

As an exchange student you study under the same conditions as the Swedish students. You may find that the structure of the SSE exams differs from those at your home university and therefore it is advisable to review past papers before taking your first exam.

Exam Regulations (login)

Academic Year 2020 / 2021

SSE has two terms, Fall and Spring, every academic year.  Please check the Academic Calendar 2020/2021 if you want to have more information regarding the exact dates and terms. 

Practical Matters

Residence Permit

Detailed information about residence permits for exchange students can be found at the Swedish Migration Board. EU/EEA citizens and their family members do not need residence permits while staying in Sweden. However, they should register with the Swedish Migration Board within  three months after arrival.

A Swedish residence permit and a valid passport will enable you to travel freely throughout the Schengen zone.


Exchange students at SSE are required to have arranged full medical insurance before they leave their home countries. Dental care being very expensive, you might want to add this to your medical insurance as well.

If you are a European citizen, make sure to bring your European Health Insurance Card. With this, you will only be charged the minimum fee when seeing a doctor, just like a Swedish citizen.  If you are not a European citizen, check with the Swedish consulate if your country has an agreement with Sweden or if you should buy a medical insurance before you leave.

The insurance company Gefvert can be contacted for medical insurance:

Phone: +46 (0)8 440 54 40

A householder's comprehensive insurance is included in the rent of all SSE housing.

Medical and dental care

For medical advice, call: 1177 (Vårdguiden) or www.1177.se
For dental emergencies, call: +46 (0)8 123 156 80

Make sure to bring your passport, your acceptance letter from SSE and proof of medical insurance from your home country when you go see a doctor or dentist.

Near SSE
All students can contact Studenthälsan (Student Health Center) for medical advice. This centre is located at the Student Palace, Norrtullsgatan 2, very close to SSE.

The closest medical centre at Lappis is "Grevgatan husläkare", phone: +46 (0)8 120 009 70.

The medical centre CityAkuten is located on Holländargatan 4, phone: +4620 150 150.

At Liljeholmen, the medical centre is located at Liljeholmstorget 7, phone: +46 (0)8 681 75 00.

Free advice on sexually transmitted diseases etc can be obtained from the student clinics for sexual health. These clinics also offer free and confidential testing and counseling. Sesam City is situated very close to SSE, at Sveavägen 52, phone: +46 (0)8 22 75 30.

Dental Care
If you need to see a dentist urgently, you can go to the St. Erik Hospital, at Polhemsgatan 46, phone:  +46 (0)8 123 156 80. No appointment is necessary.

Cost of living

The following is a feasible monthly budget:
4.000 - 6.000 SEK


2.000 SEK

300 SEK

1.800 SEK

Local Transportation

620 SEK

8.720 - 10.720 SEK

Exchange students have so far been exempt from the otherwise compulsory Student Association fees. Note that you will have to pay for the course literature, i. e. books, compendiums etc.

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