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First cohort farewell

It’s been a while since we, KAB IFP #1, updated our life in this blog.

“With freedom comes responsibility.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I have this exact thought in mind when I think about the theme of my part in this blog post. My current job as the international business manager at a Thai conglomerate is not ruled by the company’s ISO standard, and my presence at work is not governed by the “office hour” or limited to a single office. To me, this is freedom, considering that I am an employee.

Nonetheless, as stated, “With freedom comes responsibility.” My job is to make decisions, to take risks and be responsible for them. It is challenging but educating. It is frightening but exhilarating. I have to think strategically not only about work but also about the people in my team. What to do to make the company grow financially? What to do to motivate my team and make them happy at work?

A great inspiration that leads me to write this blog post is one of my roles, to run a subsidiary in India. I have the freedom to manage the company how I see fit, while I am responsible for making sure that the company has enough income to run and grow and that the staff work happily, and many more... This role comes with many challenges, be it understanding Indian work culture, finding market opportunities, and so on. Luckily, during the years at SSE and NUS, I have trained myself to handle such challenges. Want to know how and why? Join K-A Bonnier International Fellows program to find out!

Wasita Thongdee KAB-IFP #1


Hello everyone! It's great to be back on the blog and to think back on these two years of doing my Masters at SSE and NUS. In many ways, it's thanks to these two years that I am now working as a strategy consultant at Lynxeye. At this job, I get to combine all of the things that I enjoyed the most during my education. I work with insight-driven growth strategies, consumer-centric branding and forward-looking innovation. Even better, I get to do all of this for some of the coolest companies in the world whilst also making a difference, since Lynxeye focuses a lot on purpose from both a customer and societal perspective. I really feel like I have found my dream company and I will always be very thankful for the two past years that have made me realise where my true passion lies.

Josefina Hagberg KAB-IFP #1


When I was about to graduate from the K-A Bonnier International Fellows Program and started apply for jobs, there were many things that I kept in mind when choosing where to go. For me, being a person driven by values and an entrepreneurial mind set, this was something that I looked when searching for an employer. Since graduation I’ve started working as a management consultant at a company that is both value and idea driven.

So what have I actually been doing? I’ve been in several exciting and challenging projects. The first project was for a high-end international fashion brand that we helped with a market analysis, growth analysis and future outlook for their industry. It was truly a lot of fun and I learned so much.

This project was followed by a pre-study at a company that we were helping identifying requirements for a IT-system. This project consisted of somewhat more than 30 interviews. I’m now currently being part of a project in which we are helping a company setting a communication plan for 2021! A lot of stakeholders but confident that we will make it through! I’m happy to feel that I’m at a workplace where I get the opportunity and freedom to really make a difference in projects but also where I have great colleagues who believes in the same things as I do.

Märta Eriksson KAB-IFP #1


Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since we, KAB IFP #1, updated our life in this blog. A lot had happened since then. I had completed my Master’s thesis and defended it, celebrated with our class, experienced my first summer in the North of Sweden and started working full-time. At the intersection of my interests in sustainability and technology, I’m working in Group Function Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson Global Head Quarter in Sweden. The learning curve has been really steep with both sustainability domain knowledge and management skills but the past 6 months have been really fulfilling. I started with driving the early phase of an internal program focusing on circular economy and sustainability. It’s great to know that a company like Ericsson has done a lot of research about the impact of technology on societal development and climate change. Working alongside with experienced researchers, experts and my team brought me many eye-opening experiences and widened my perspective about the role of technological advancement and how we can steer it towards the positive direction for the triple bottom line, profit – people – planet. Now I’m excited and humble to close an important project. I look forward to seeing how it will unfold.

By the way, here is a photo of me with Ericsson CEO who happened to made us some food and drinks to as an appreciative gesture.

Looking back at KAB program, having the international exposure and knowledge about innovation management definitely help me a lot in this role. Mentorship and guided self-reflection empowered me to strive for the career path matches my passion and potential while tight connection with my fellows keeps me grounded.

Mai Pham KAB IFP #1

Until we meet again, take care!

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