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Our first months as Master Students at SSE

I started my new journey in Stockholm in late August when the weather was favourable.

Beautiful days, fresh air and cool nights. It’s surprising and inspiring at the same time to me that Stockholm city itself is very green and sustainability-oriented, where you can find people chilling, lying on the grass reading or walking their dogs in the park in a sunny day and adopting a healthy lifestyle of becoming vegans/vegetarians. That is totally different from what we have in Asia in terms of lifestyle and culture and I enjoy it! Also, Stockholm is definitely an active entrepreneurship hub of innovation: there are workshop about sustainability, tech fests, tech meet-ups and hackathons every week! Meeting new people with creative ideas has been exciting and so much fun. 

Doing my master in Stockholm is an incredibly exciting and mind-expanding experience to me. The class is challenging indeed with a lot of self-readings and groupworks, but the international environment at SSE and the classroom dynamics are out of the world. I enjoy coming to classes every day, discussing the ideas with the teachers and my classmates, once again questioning the validity of things that I have known and working on more readings to figure out the answers. I like it how we get together as a new group, producing ideas, complementing each other's points and creating something that we'd have never thought of possible if we had worked as individuals. There are more things to learn and I can’t wait for the year ahead at SSE. /Thuy Vu

The first few weeks at the M.Sc. at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) have been very hectic and full of activities. The introduction committee packed the introduction weeks with so many valuable events that both were enjoyable and fun, but also made each and every student of the master-program feel welcome to SSE and Sweden as a whole.

As I was a previous SSE-student before the master-program started I already had a lot of experience and knowledge about the school and its environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous three years at the school, and knew that the master-program would not disappoint. Something that has exceeded my expectations has been how enjoyable and valuable it is to study and spend time with international students. I was lucky enough to spend an exchange semester at Bocconi in Italy, and it was so much fun to get new perspectives of life and to be part of new cultures from around the world. The first few weeks at SSE has been the same, since all international students are so extrovert in terms of willingness to meet and get to know new people. This has also converted into the classroom, where there are great discussions that bring up topics and opinions that reflect views, culture and education from across the world.

Although I did by bachelor at SSE I definitely feel so far that the master-program is another step further in regards to both our academic and personal development, and I am strongly enjoying my time here. /Gustav Broström


Hello everyone!  I’m glad to be doing our first appearance here on the blog and I hope that you will enjoy following the 2019 KAB cohort during the upcoming 2 years!

Opposed to Thuy and Duwi, I did my bachelor at SSE graduating in 2018 and it feels great to be back again. The facilities look more or less the same and you know your way around, but there are new things to study and many new faces. The first month of the program has passed by quickly and a suitable description would be “time flies when you are having fun”. It feels great to study the topics that interest me the most and get a chance to dig even deeper into those, compared to the bachelor. I really appreciate the high relevance of the course content, covering the challenges and opportunities of today’s businesses. For example, we have been challenged by companies as Schibsted and Grönska during mini-hackathons consisting of 1-hour creation and a 3-minutes pitch. I do really enjoy those challenging and competitive settings, putting pressure on our creativity and knowledge, and at the same time you get to know and work with new people in the class. In some sense it almost feels a bit sad to think about that me and Gustav will leave for NUS in three months, because I really like the people and the program. However, I’m very excited about Singapore, to experience the studies there and their culture!

Before leaving for Singapore, we have some fun things planned with the 2019 KAB cohort during the fall; for example a Swedish dinner together later this week, and an event including an inspiring panel discussion and information about the KAB-IFP open for all to join. So keep your eyes open for the invitation, it would be great to see you there! /Maja Ohlsson


Sweden has been AWESOME! Even though I’ve only moved to Stockholm for about 1 month and haven’t really experienced the full wrath of the dark and freezing winter, but my life so far in this city has been more than amazing..!! Stockholm during the summer is simply stunning. Some of the highlights of my summer here usually includes a walk around the waterside during a warm and sunny day - perhaps with a hot dog in one hand as well. Coming from Jakarta where the traffic level is overwhelming, the political landscape is volatile, and the pollution level is detrimental, living in the serene and ‘clean’ city of Stockholm has been truly a breath of fresh air. 

It’s also a breath of fresh air to be able to take a pause from my 8-year career and start going to school again (exams..yay!!). Some of the highlights of my school-life so far include working with a diverse and international group of people with varying degrees of career and also passion. And I have also thoroughly enjoyed the interactions that we make with established multinational companies as well as local startups within our classes. To me, learning different companies’ culture and story has always been one of my main intentions of applying for the Master’s program in SSE.  

In light of everything, and I’m sure the rest of the cohorts will agree with me, based on this first month in SSE and Stockholm has been an enlightening experience and we can’t wait to see more./Hardwi Satrio Pinandityo (Duwi)

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