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My first three months at SSE

Hej! This is Duc Anh speaking, one of the four KAB-IFP second cohort fellows. More than 3 months have flew by so fast since we started our SSE MBM program, and for me, my first time studying and living so far away from home.

On this Monday, we organized a business seminar/ panel discussion regarding business expansion of Nordic companies into the Asian market featuring executives from Business Sweden, Arla Foods, EF and Djenee. It was eye opening to listen to the sharing of them, especially for me as someone from Asia, to look at my home region from a different perspective. To me, one perfect example was the advice regarding doing business in Asia from Mr. Westring, President of EF Customized Solutions: “Learn the local language, it will help you go a long way”. I think it relates perfectly with the sense-making mindset we learned from our current courses, about how one needs to understand the cultural contexts to truly understand human behaviors in a new setting.

Academically, the program has been challenging with a lot of new theories and ideas, as well as a field project that runs throughout our first semester, which also is heavily demanding. For me, I have been stretching out of my comfort zone a lot, especially after more than 3 years of being out of studying. But we in MBM has this special mentality called “MBM love”, which is a nice concept of caring for others, everyone being open and supportive, which has helped a lot.

Personally, I find Sweden and Stockholm charming, especially in the autumn with long daylight and gorgeous nature within the city. During these early winter days, however, I have been experiencing the other side of living close to the poles instead of the equator. But I started biking to school and going to the gym (as everyone in Sweden does) to energize myself so I think I will be fine! (And I’m still yet to see my first snow ever, which is surprising, but then all the more special it will be!)

Signing off now, feel free to reach out to us for anything you want to know about SSE, MBM, or the KAB-IFP program!

Duc Anh (cohort 2018-2020)


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