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Filip Lundin

Alum and Consultant at Macklean, Filip shares how SSE prepared him for a career in consultancy.

Consulting careers are the traditional pathway that newly graduated business students flock towards. Compared with working for large consulting companies, joining a small boutique firm could mean that you will get a broader skillset and are given more responsibility earlier in career. That is where we find Filip, alum majored in General Management and current consultant at Macklean - a growing boutique consultancy focusing on the food sector. 

Driving change in the Agtech sector 

During his studies at SSE, Filip got exposed to a wide array of companies and sectors. That is when he realized that he wanted to work with management consulting to strengthen his analytical skills, while at the same time learning how to drive change. As strategy consultant specializing in the food sector, Filip is driving high-level projectsmostly focused on how to tackle the rapid digital transformation of agriculture, also known as Agtech.  

Over the last four years at Macklean, Filip has developed a broad skill set and earlier on got full responsibility for strategic projects and driving his own sales processes. Since the firm has undergone a lot of change and growth, he has also been given the chance to advance career wise quickly. Recently he is in charge of developing a digital platform strategy in the formation of a major industry consortium.   

A smorgasbord of opportunities 

With a B.Sc. in Politics and Economics, Filip chose to study a broader M.Sc. in management programme at SSE to get a comprehensive business-oriented profile. At SSE, not only did he learn factual knowledge and ways to get things done with high quality, but he also gained valuable inputs on what career path he should pursue from SSE’s close relations with corporates and its professional career services.  

“Apart from giving me a lifelong network of super bright and very helpful SSE alumni, I must say that the school really prepared me well for work.” 

Filip would like to describe SSE as a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities. He suggested current students use the school as a springboard to try out new things on the side of your studies, for instance, join some of the societies to learn something new or take part in the amazing student association for heaps of fun. 

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