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MSc Program in Business & Management, specialization in Management

Description of the past program structure (last intake in 2015)

The specialization in Management will prepare you for management roles in organizations. Having attended the program, you will be better equipped to deal with managerial challenges in various kinds of organizations. The specialization takes an integrative perspective on how organizations and people work and how to manage.

General Description

The specialization targets individuals interested in developing their managerial skills. The specialization has a unique focus on fostering general management skills through a pedagogical approach where thinking and doing are integrated through several live projects carried out in various organizations. The specialization is purposefully designed to expose students to a variety of industries and types of organizations.

The specialization is action-oriented and will support students in acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills necessary to manage in organizations. But the specialization will also give students a deep understanding of management and organization theories. The intention is to develop the skills in students to analyze and evaluate situations and to take meaningful action based on this analysis. Emphasis is also put on developing your professional skills in e.g. rhetoric, presentation and negotiation.


The focus is on live learning, both through working with real organizations and through the program’s unique learning laboratory approach. Through the specialization, you will receive hands-on training in all key aspects of a consulting project – selling, analysis, action plan and implementation. The specialization will also take you through the life cycle of an organization, from start-up to steady-state organization. To achieve this, the curriculum has four major components:

  • Practice – the specialization focuses on two major live projects which run throughout the first year. During the first semester, students set up small consulting companies, which sell and deliver an analysis to a problem experienced by a real organization. During the second semester, students are organized into one professional service firm, which is to implement changes in real organizations.
  • Theory - the specialization rests on a solid theoretical foundation, ranging from tools and frameworks for organizational analysis, leadership and human resource theory to business development, operations management and change management.
  • Skills - students will during the program receive training in a number of important business skills, such as communication, project management, group dynamics, negotiation and sales, rhetoric and presentation skills. The skills training will be integrated into the curriculum.
  • Reflection – finally, the specialization uses a format for personal development, where reflection is central. This part of the curriculum consists of a series of seminars and exercises designed to develop students’ ability to reflect on their own learning. Particular emphasis will here be on the challenges facing leaders. The track will also include important current topics, as chosen by students and faculty.

Other potential roles students may assume on graduation include business analyst, line manager and human resource professional. In the long term, the specialization is dedicated to developing students’ skills in assuming general management positions. Relatively shortly after graduation, students are ready to take on responsibility as managers of a unit, part of a company or a group of people. Over time the size of this organizational unit increases to include whole organizations and companies.

Career Options

The specialization prepares students for careers in various kinds of organizations. The following are key roles graduates are expected to take upon graduation:

  • Consultants – many graduates end up working as consultants, both for larger strategy and management consulting companies, and for smaller and more focused consultancies, such as PR, information, education and lobbying.
  • Entrepreneurs and business developers – the specialization is well-suited for students who would like to work as entrepreneurs. The content of the program makes it a good platform for managing the start-up company. The specialization is also well-suited for the related role of working with business development inside established organizations.
  • Business developers – the specialization is also well-suited for the related role of working with business development inside established organizations, particularly through the combination of a strong focus on theory with hands-on and practical experience.
  • Project manager – the structure and content of the specialization will help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage projects. A strong focus on projects is a trait that organizations in most industries of today have in common.

Through the specialization you will be well-equipped to cope with various types of challenges an organization is facing.

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