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Accounting & Financial Management

(Observe: description of past Program structure. Pre-2012)

The overall objective of the specialization in Accounting & Financial Management is to provide the students with relevant accounting and financial management knowledge for qualified positions in business society. The core subject areas are Financial Accounting, Management Control and Financial Analysis.

General Description

We primarily adopt an international, corporate perspective on the issues dealt with. Case examples are used extensively in order to identify relevant issues and to illustrate the use of theory in practice. After completing the program, the student will be able to demonstrate professional skill (prepare, describe, explain, calculate, interpret, evaluate) within the areas of accounting theory, valuation modelling, financial statement analysis and financial analysis, management control and capital budgeting from both strategic and operational perspectives.
A specific feature of the specialization is its high relevance to professionals. This will influence the course design and our teaching focus on the application of theory to real-world issues that are important. For example, one of our courses is based on the environment that the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is facing (CFO Challenges in Multinational Companies). We also regularly invite guest lecturers to our courses.

The Accounting department of SSE has experience from decades of educating executives and specialists in our key academic areas and we provide students with a solid analytical foundation for practical decision making. Faculty members at the Accounting department of SSE hold PhDs and are active researchers typically specialized in one of the core subject areas. Furthermore, faculty members are often advisors for Swedish business firms and educate practicing managers and specialists in executive education programs.


Covering all key areas in accounting and financial management constitutes the best preparation for a future successful professional career. Accordingly, the first year of the specialization is the same for all students. The first-year courses cover both the corporate perspective (How are accounting issues dealt with from a preparer perspective? How should management control systems be designed?) and the capital market perspective (How can financial statements based on IFRS be interpreted and used?, How do we use financial statements for risk analysis and corporate valuation?).

For students who wish to specialize in auditing, we offer the course “Auditing and investor assurance” as an elective in year two. This course meets the requirements of becoming a certified public auditor (auktoriserad revisor) in Sweden.

Master's Thesis

The Master’s Thesis is viewed as an opportunity for the student to take the first step towards a future job by choosing a subject that will lead to further specialization within one of the key areas (Financial Accounting, Management Control or Financial Analysis).

Career Options

The specialization in Accounting & Financial Management provides students with relevant accounting and financial management knowledge for qualified positions in business and the public sector, such as CFO, investment banker, financial analyst, management consultant or certified auditor.

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