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International Economics

The curriculum of the International Economics specialization is designed to help you acquire a deep knowledge in the respective core fields, while at the same time allowing a lot of flexibility to design a personal curriculum that broadens your perspective and tailors your education to your needs and interests.


Semester 1

Semester 2

and choose at least 1 course

During the first semester the focus is on the theory and empirical methods of economics. The courses are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of state-of-the-art models and techniques used in economic analysis.

In the second semester, focus shifts to applications and extensions. This part builds on the skills acquired during the first semester, and broadens and deepens the students’ knowledge of economics. Students choose between two specializations; Applied Economic Analysis or International Economics.

Students specializing in International Economics typically take two courses in International Economics and choose two other courses in economics.


Semester 3 and 4

Thesis in International Economics and choose between

The second year of the Master program is devoted to taking more courses (30 ECTS) and thesis writing (30 ECTS). Students have many choices about what course to take. They can continue taking courses in economics, but can also take courses in Finance or Business Administration.

Second-year MECON students also have the possibility, with some caveats, to take first-year PhD economics courses as part of their degree to count as elective courses.

Students need to fulfil an International Program Component, which may be done either by being accepted and successfully participating in the SSE Exchange Program, by taking two additional courses (in total 15 ECTS) in International Economics during semester 3 or by carrying out an internship abroad (8 weeks).​​

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