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Andrei Postoaca

"The symbiosis between the experience of the participants and the theory made everything very real." Andrei Postoaca - MBA, CEO and founder, Clintelica

Why did you decide to earn your MBA at SSE?
I wanted to add theory to my practical experience and SSE has a very good reputation.

Did participating in the SSE MBA program change your professional life?
Yes, completely. As part of the program we participated in a course in the US, which taught the importance of social networks. It made me realize the often unused potential of the personal networks of employees in a company, and how these could serve as vital tools in generating sales leads as well as help recruit new talent. Today, the personal networks of the employees are an untapped goldmine when it comes to sales and recruitment.
Immediately after graduation, I formed my own company, Clintelica, and hired programmers to develop a new kind of software that would help companies integrate the employees' personal networks with, for example, the company's CRM system or the business system. The software automatically generates sales leads and recruitment recommendations based on the personal contacts voluntarily shared by employees. There is no better door opener than a lead based on an already established personal contact.

Today, Clintelica has 22 employees and our software has secured a US patent. The company was awarded The Most Innovative Cloud Computing Idea in Sweden 2011.

What were the major strengths of the SSE MBA program, in your eyes?
It added theoretical knowledge and competence in many different areas. The program, however, goes beyond the kind of learning you get from an undergraduate program in that it applies theory to your own practical experiences as well as the insight based on experiences of 35 other seasoned individuals from different industries. You can't compare it to anything else.
I found that others had been facing the same kind of professional challenges as I had, and learned how they dealt with them and what textbook theory had to say. The variety of participant experiences from different industries and the mixed international background was amazing.

Which aspects have you found to be particularly useful in your professional life?
I have applied the finance and strategy skills gained during the program.

What impressed you most about the SSE MBA program?
The structure of the program and the professional network I developed. The symbiosis between the experience of the participants and the theory made everything very real and the real-life application of various textbook models and theories was rewarding. We learned why some models work and some don't.

What would you say to someone considering an executive MBA?
Don't hesitate – it's definitely worth it. It's one of the most important investments you'll ever make. But remember that it is a commitment and you have to make sure to set time aside.