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Student Interview with Arian Tavassoli

Meet Arian Tavassoli, 22 years old and 3rd year student at the BSc in Retail Management.

Why did you choose the Retail Management Program?

I chose SSE because I wanted the tools to tackle real problems in any business setting, which was important for me since I wanted to start my own company. Retail Management was a natural choice for me since I’m interested in fashion and consumer behavior. I wanted a complete business management education while still having a clear retail focus. 

What makes the Retail Management Program so unique?

Through the Applied Retail Track, you get to interact with important players in the Swedish and international retail landscape and work closely with two or three of these companies. I worked with Swedish grocery retailer Coop in my first year and global fashion retailer H&M in my second and third year. Together with them, we have worked on solving current challenges in areas such as sustainability, marketing and product development. What surprised me the most was how the companies really listen to our ideas and the level of mutual respect between us.

Secondly, through the Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program, you get to work with personal development and deeper learning by combining teachings from different courses. I have learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses both academically and professionally. Both self-awareness and awareness of the challenges facing our society are important skills for future leaders and I feel like the tutorial program has contributed to this in a great way.

What are your favorite subjects?

Marketing Communications and Retail Accounting & Financial Management were the most challenging and developing for me.

How is the student life at SSE?
Truly amazing. Through the Student Association, also known as SASSE, there are hundreds of roles in different projects where you get to meet new people, attend parties, play in international sports tournaments or arrange career fairs. I have met some of my best friends through SASSE and learned things I could never have learned behind a school bench. I’m from Stockholm myself, but many of my friends from other parts of Sweden or internationally have described their experience with SASSE as finding a new family in an otherwise unfamiliar city, which has made them feel welcome here.

Has studying at SSE been as you imagined it would be?
Studying at SSE has definitely exceeded my expectations. My first day here was among the best days of my life. I had heard rumors about everyone being serious, self-centered and wearing suits everywhere. I quickly realized that this was simply just a rumor. SSE students are in fact kind, humble and work together to become better. We have a mantra that is “sharing is caring” and people are very collaborative. We share lecture notes, work in groups and learn from each other. The fact that the students are coming from an increasingly diverse background is really positive since it opens your mind to different perspectives.

What are your plans after graduation?
I will probably apply to one of the master programs at SSE or start at a job at an international company with the possibility to grow.

Who would you recommend the Retail Management Program to?
I would recommend the Retail program to anyone who is interested in growing as a person, get a deep understanding of how to navigate the business landscape, get inspired by the tremendous world of possibilities and wants to have excellent job opportunities after graduation.

More information about the BSc in Retail Management can be found here.

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