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Conferment of doctoral degrees

The Conferment of Doctoral Degrees is one of the largest ceremonial occasions, and is a celebration for those who have received PhDs during the year.

It is held once every other year together with the Installation of new professors. The next ceremony will take place Saturday September 19, 2020 in Stockholm City Hall for invited guests. 

main Participants in the conferment ceremony

  • The promotor: The promotor is the person conferring the doctoral degrees. They must be a professor and hold a doctorate.
  • Doctor Jubilaris: A jubilee doctor is an individual who received their PhDs fifty years earlier. 
  • Doctor Honoris Causa: An honorary doctors degree is awarded to individuals, from Sweden or abroad, who has made a notable contribution to their field of expertise - either through academic acheivements or the industry.
  • Doctores Iuvenes: The latin term refers to "young doctors", and are individauals who has completed their post-graduate eduacation and publicly defended their doctoral theisis. Before the ceremony, they are referred to as promovendi, and after the ceremony promoti. 

SSE's symbols of academia

At the Conferment ceremony, the new PhDs receive their symbols of honour: a hat, a ring and a diploma. 

  • The Doctoral hat - a symbol of freedom and power: 
    All doctors at SSE will be conferred with hat. It is black, pleated, and featured with a gold buckle. 
  • The Ring - a symbol of loyalty to the discipline: 
    The doctoral ring is made of gold, and symbolizes the loyalty of the individual receiving the degree to their discipline. 
  • The Diploma - a certificate of graduation 

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