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What is Rally for SSE?

Rally for SSE is a 24-hour virtual giving day taking place Thursday, March 8 at 19:00 to Friday, March 9 at 19:00 in conjunction with Homecoming Day, our annual alumni event. Our goal is to raise funds for Digitalization.

How will Rally for SSE work this year?

Donations can be made from anywhere in the world at any time during the 24-hour period online via any device using a credit card, Swish or bank transfer.

During the 24-hour period, SSE will announce via social media and online which specific prizes will be distributed every hour. If you make a donation over 20 SEK during that hour, you are considered eligible to win that prize. After you make an online donation, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked why you support SSE. In order to be considered eligible for a prize, you must complete this question. 

Homecoming will take place starting at 18.00 on Friday, March 8 at SSE. We will announce the final totals from Rally for SSE during the event live and online. It's going to be an exciting time, so we hope you will stay tuned. 

What are the benefits for donors?

Thanks to our generous sponsors, many of whom are corporate partners, donors will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

To be eligible for a prize, all you need to do is write a sentence telling us why you are contributing to SSE when you make your donation. Every hour we will select a winner to receive a prize. The specific prizes are a surprise until the March 8, 19:00 launch of Rally for SSE, but we assure you, they are fantastic!

Why are you organizing Rally for SSE?

In Sweden and abroad, universities are reaching out to their communities for contributions of different kinds to help strengthen their institutions. Rally for SSE is one way that we encourage engagement from our community.

One of the main objectives of Rally for SSE is to further strengthen the mind and culture-shift that have started taking place regarding giving back to your institution.

Why is SSE raising money?

As higher education remains increasingly competitive throughout the world, SSE seeks to engage supporters so that we can continue to attract premium students, recruit world-class professors and produce high-quality research.

This is especially important because SSE is a private university and depends on non-public funding sources, including corporations, foundations, and individuals. Less than 20% of SSE's funding comes from the government. Alumni participation in supporting the school financially ensures that we can maintain SSE's tradition of excellence.

Why is the focus of Rally for SSE digitalization?

We live in a digital world and SSE is an international and interconnected hub of knowledge. To continue to be a leader in business education, we need to improve digital learning tools across disciplines at the school.

SSE remains committed to preparing students for careers in today’s digitally focused environment and seeks news ways to integrate cutting-edge technology and resources in the classroom to improve pedagogical development. In fact, every part of the digitization process in higher education must aim to strengthen the personal meeting between teachers and students.

These interactions specifically include greater personalized student guidance in and out of the classroom, easier transitions between presenters using different computers and operating systems inside the lecture hall, better connections with students following courses from locations outside the school, as well as up-to-date tools for sharing course materials and following student outcomes.

What projects will the funding support?

All funds raised during Rally for SSE will be divided among three areas that will further develop SSE's digital focus:
  1. Build a flagship classroom: The aim of the digital flagship classroom is to create a lecture space at SSE where many new options can be tested across a range of disciplines to determine the best large-scale adjustments to make for additional classrooms at the school. This flagship room will have enhanced video and voice recording equipment plus complementary lighting and ventilation, the latest writing boards that allow for customized, interactive, multi-media presentations, and technology that facilitates seamless equipment changes between different presenters and a variety of computing systems. The room will also improve connections for students or guests calling in from outside locations.

  2. Enhance student-faculty interaction: New digital tools, such as clickers (or classroom response systems) can benefit teachers and students alike. Course instructors can provide in-person opportunities for students to participate during classes and then review students' input following class meetings to determine attendance, level of understanding, and additional direction needed. Thus faculty can customize course materials for classes and provide individualized student guidance. The use of these tools and others can strengthen faculty-student interaction and improve overall teaching and learning experiences for both parties.

  3. Increase digital education opportunities: Digital enhancement within the curriculum itself is being adopted in many business schools. At SSE this can be seen through international student collaborations for coursework and specific projects, as well in the manner that faculty are teaching classes today. Many professors are pre-recording lectures for students to watch online ahead of time, or directing them to digital materials for preparation, so they can effectively participate in group-work and focused subject instruction during the class meetings themselves. With additional training and resources for faculty and greater material options for students, this new model can grow and strengthen education at SSE.

Why should I participate?

If you are an alum, we hope you will give back to SSE because you value the education that you received and see the important part it has played in your goals and achievements.

Your contribution demonstrates that you want future generations of students to have the same fantastic experience and opportunities you had. You also want to continue to strengthen SSE's notable brand and reputation, so that your degree remains respected and valued. Finally, you want industry within Sweden as well as globally, to continue to benefit from hiring SSE graduates, who work to make a difference in society, which is a fundamental value of our school.

If you are an employee, Rally for SSE is primarily about showing your spirit as part of the SSE community. You are, of course already contributing to strengthening one of the top-tier business schools in Europe through your daily work and overall engagement at SSE, but any contribution to Rally for SSE will help us underscore the dedication our internal team has for SSE. You can also contribute by being a Rally for SSE Ambassador - see below!

If you are a student, Rally for SSE is an opportunity to contribute to the future of your institution while you are still here and can help influence its strategic direction. Your participation is a vote of confidence in the education you are currently receiving and a clear message to the broader SSE community that everyone can make a difference for SSE.

How much should I donate?

We welcome gifts of any size over 20 SEK. It's up to you to decide! We appreciate your participation at any level and all donations made are eligible for the prize drawings.

Why are you asking alumni, students, faculty and staff and friends to donate?

Alumni, students, faculty and staff have been included in Rally for SSE because we feel it is important to include everybody in our community who wish to strengthen SSE.

Do I have to donate?

Making a contribution during Rally for SSE is absolutely optional. If you decide to participate, we hope you will give because you want to, not because you feel you have too.

What will happen with my gift information?

Once you make a donation, you will receive a gift acknowledgement letter via email. If you require additional information for your taxes, then please let us know.

If you make a financial contribution to SSE, you have the option for your name and the amount you contributed to be anonymous. All donor information is private and is kept in accordance with all Swedish privacy laws.

If I live in the United States, will my donation be tax-deductible?

If you are a United States citizen or permanent resident and would like to make a tax-deductible donation, we encourage you to make your gift to the American Friends of SSE (AFSSE). Unfortunately, due to the time-limited nature of Rally for SSE SSE, we are unable to count any contributions to AFSSE in the Rally totals.

If you would like to participate directly through the Rally for SSE website, you are more than welcome to, but your gift will not be tax-deductible. 

Are there other ways to support Rally for SSE?

We are currently looking for more SSE students, alumni and friends to help us spread the word about this initiative through social media.

If you are interested in joining us for this 24-hour virtual giving day as a Rally for SSE Ambassador, please let us know. We will give you all the tools you need to make your role as easy and time sensitive as possible!

We are also open to other ideas about increasing support to SSE, so please feel free to contact us with your ideas!