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Töndevold Liljedal, Karina

Affiliated Researcher
SSE Institute for Research (SIR)

Karina T. Liljedal is a researcher at the Center for Consumer Marketing (CCM), and the Center for Retailing (CFR). She was awarded a three-year Wallander scholarship in 2016.  

In Karina's dissertation from 2016, she investigated the marketing effects of consumer co-creation. Since then, she has continued to explore how consumers, employees, and patients respond to brands’ and organisations' co-creation in new product and service development. Additionally, she is involved in research on gender- and age-based stereotypes, as well as current developments of retail such as the changing role of the physical store.  

Before returning to Stockholm School of Economics for her doctoral studies, Karina worked in digital marketing and marketing research in London, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. 


Recent publications 


  • Åkestam, N., Rosengren, S., Dahlén, M., Liljedal, K.T., and Berg, H. (2021). Gender stereotypes in advertising have negative cross-gender effects, European Journal of Marketing, Ahead of print. doi: 10.1108/EJM-02-2019-0125. 
  • Liljedal, K.T., Berg, H., and Dahlen, M. (2020). Effects of nonstereotyped occupational gender role portrayal in advertising. How showing women in male-stereotyped job roles sends positive signals about brands, Journal of Advertising Research, 60 (2): 179-196. doi: 10.2501/JAR-2020-008. Finalist in the Academic category for JAR Best Paper 2020.
  • Liljedal, K.T. and Berg, H. (2020). Consumer responses to pictures of co-creating consumers in marketing communications, Journal of Consumer Marketing, 37(7): 775-784. doi: 10.1108/JCM-12-2019-3544. 
  • Schüler, M., Fee Maier, M., and Liljedal, K.T. (2019), "Motives and Barriers Affecting Consumers' Co-creation in the Physical Store", The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research. 
  • Liljedal, K. T., and Dahlén, M. (2018), “Consumer Response to Other Consumers’ Participation in New Product Development”, Journal of Marketing Communications, 24 (3). 
  • Lange, F., Rosengren, S., Colliander, J., Hernant, M., and Liljedal, K.T. (2018), Bridging Theory and Practice in an Applied Retail Track, Journal of Marketing Education, 40 (1) : 6-16. 
  • Söderlund, M., Colliander, J., Karsberg, J., Liljedal, K. T., Modig E., Rosengren, S., Sagfossen, S., Szugalski, S., and Åkestam, N. (2017). The allure of the bottle as a package: An assessment of perceived effort in a packaging context, Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26 (1): 91-100. 
  • Liljedal, K. T. (2016). Konsumenter i co-creation – om ”giveashitability” i produkt- och tjänsteutveckling, Management of Innovation and Technology, 4 (December): 10-11.   
  • Essén, A., Värlander, S. W., and Liljedal, K. T. (2016). Co-production in chronic care: Exploitation and empowerment, European Journal of Marketing, 50 (5/6). 
  • Liljedal, K. T. (2016). The Effects of Advertising Consumer Co-Created New Products. A Brand-Alliance Framework Model Can Predict Perceptions About Co-Created Brands and Their Creators, Journal of Advertising Research, 56 (1): 53-63. 
  • Söderlund, M., Colliander, J., Karsberg, J., Liljedal, L. T., Modig E., Rosengren, S., Sagfossen, S., Szugalski, S., and Åkestam, N. (2016). The allure of the bottle as a package: An assessment of perceived effort in a packaging context,  Journal of Product and Brand Management, 25 (6). 
  • Söderlund, M., Liljander, V., Gummerus, J., Hellman, P., Lipkin, H., Oikarinen, E-L., Sepp, M., and Liljedal K. T. (2014). Preferential Treatment in the Service Encounter, Journal of Service Management, 25 (4): 512-530. 

Books and book chapters

  • Liljedal, Karina T. (2016). Communicated consumer co-creation. Consumer response to consumer co-creation in new product and service development. Doctoral dissertation, Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Töndevold Liljedal, K (2013). Företag som samarbetar med konsumenter: Co-creation som tjänsteinnovation. In: Andersson P, Axelsson B & Rosenqvist C (Red.), Det nya tjänstesamhället, SIR:s Årsbok 2013, Studentlitteratur, Lund. 



Karina serves as an ad hoc reviewer for Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Product and Brand Management, Creativity and Innovation Management, Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, Journal fo Marketing Communications. She is also an editorial review board member at Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science. 


Teaching and Lecturing 

Karina is a teacher at the Brands and Communications course (M. Sc.) and regularly supervises student theses (B. Sc. and M. Sc.). Up until recently, she was part of the teaching faculty at CFR, teaching in the Applied Retail Track, supervising the retail club Svensk Handel. Previously, Karina was the course director of Marketing Research Project (B. Sc., fall 2016) and of Current Issues (B. Sc., fall 2018).

Additionally, Karina regularly speaks at industry seminars and helps companies in their business development.