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Söndergaard, Martin

My research uses an interdisciplinary approach between Marketing, Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility, with an emphasis on how firms can find solutions that maximises profits while positively impacting society and the environment. I also look into how the government should act on issues when companies cannot be assumed to take responsibility or act in a beneficial way towards all stakeholders, either due to negligence of the issue or conflict of interests.


I use a quantitative research methodology and statistical analysis linking behaviour in laboratory settings as well as naturally occurring experiments to underlying psychological mechanisms.


My ongoing and prior research includes:

  • How to communicate sustainability initiatives, in collaboration with Sveriges Annonsörer (the Swedish Association of Advertisers)
  • Managing digital media investments, in collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research (SIR)
  • Advertising’s effect on youth, in collaboration with Statens medieråd (the Swedish Media Council)
  • The effect of banner advertising in digital media, in collaboration with Schibsted
  • The effect of native advertising in digital media, in collaboration with Schibsted
  • Understanding the effect of digital advertising through eye-tracking, in collaboration with Tobii
  • Motivating healthy behaviour through advertising, in collaboration with Strålskyddsmyndigheten (the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority)


I hold a BSc in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics, as well as a BSc in Psychology at Stockholm University and am currently doing my PhD at the department of Marketing and Strategy at Stockholm School of Economics. I also teach marketing and strategy at Stockholm School of Economics and at the Royal Institute of Technology as well as hold lectures in the private sector.

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