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Luistro Jonsson, Marijane


Marijane Luistro Jonsson is a post-doctoral researcher at SSE, where she teaches and conducts inter-disciplinary research on the behavioral dimension of sustainability. Among her research foci are cooperation under uncertainty, nudges, knowledge resistance, associative learning and fake news in Southeast Asia. The common thread among these is that she examines the different factors behind individual and group behavior, and how these might affect the larger environment in general. Her research interest also explores the link between biological and behavioral factors. She uses various methods such as experiments, agent-based modelling and discourse analyses.

Marijane earned her PhD from SSE, and her thesis was about cooperation in the face of disaster. Using a behavioral economics approach and a stochastic public goods game framework, she studied how cooperation persists under different types of uncertainties – when the probability, impact and thresholds of losses are not certain. The experiments in her thesis were conducted in Sweden, South Africa and the Philippines. Marijane also has a Masters degrees in Development Studies from University of Auckland (New Zealand), Business Administration from Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) and Environmental Management from Stockholm University (Sweden).


Research Affiliate, House of Innovation

Partial List of Publications:

Journal articles:

  • Bruns, H., Kantorowicz-Reznichenko, E., Klement, K., Luistro Jonsson, M. L., & Rahali, B. (2018) Can nudges be transparent and yet effective? Journal of Economic Psychology, 65, 41-59.


  • Luistro Jonsson, M. (2015) PhD Thesis: Cooperating for Sustainability - Experiments on Cooperation, Conditional Cooperation and Inequality, Stockholm School of Economics.


  • Gibbert, M., Välikangas, L., and Luistro-Jonsson, M. (Eds.). (2020). The Sustainability Grand Challenge: A Wicked Learning Workbook. Routledge.

Book Chapters:

  • Egorova, T. and Luistro Jonsson, M (2020). “Producing and Consuming Sustainability in Business Education”. In Bali Swain, R. and Sweet, S. Sustainable Production and Consumption (Volume 1): Challenges and Development. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Luistro Jonsson, M., Yildiz, E. and Altafi, S. (2017) A post-colonial critique of the base-of-the-pyramid discourse, in Kallifatides, M. and Lerpold, L. (eds), Sustainable Development and Business, Stockholm Research Institute.