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Sustainability Workshop with Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson's Retail Club had a workshop about sustainability.

The sustainability workshop was held by Clas Ohlson's Sustainability Program Manager, Anna Strindberg. Anna presented how Clas Ohlson work with sustainability in all parts of the organisation. Anna highlighted the fact that Clas Ohlson’s large assortment makes it difficult to investigate and ensure that the products' are made sustainably. In contrast, Clas Ohlson's private label facilitates the work with sustainability as the company has control of all the processes. Anna also explained that low value retailers such as DollarStore have grown much recently, and that they are taking Clas Ohlson's customers.

Then, Anna asked the students questions that they discussed in smaller groups. The students later presented their answers and discussed them in class with Anna. The suggestions evolved around what the company could do in order to become more sustainable. For instance, a modification of the assortment could be needed in terms of diminishing the number of SKUs but not the number of categories. In addition, the students elaborated on new ideas for offerings such as rental services of tools and equipments in neighbourhoods. Lastly, the students discussed initiatives that potentially could change customer behaviour, such as giving them more information about sustainability.

Linn Widjeskog & Sandra Jansson, Key Account Managers, Clas Ohlson's Retail Club

CFR Retail Sustainability Retail Club