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Workshop on ICA's well-being ambitions

The students in ICA's Retail Club had a workshop about the company's work with increasing well-being awareness and the development of multiple well-being initiatives.

The workshop was held by Åsa Axelsdotter, Head of Well-being at ICA. The students were tasked with reviewing a selection of common well-being initiatives that ICA has planned for 2021. Specifically, the groups were asked to establish their overall recommendation on the set of initiatives and highlight the highs and lows of the suggestions. Furthermore, students were asked to think about certain risks (and subsequent mitigating actions), whilst also including the relevant benefits for ICA that would come as a result of the initiatives being implemented. Finally, the groups were encouraged to include other ideas and recommendations that they believed could be of value to ICA and their work with well-being.

Overall, upon reviewing the relevant documents, all groups concluded that ICA had established a solid base with their initiatives. However, prioritization and established Key Performance Indicators should represent important pre-requisites before going forward with said initiatives. Other suggestions were for ICA to assign separate managers to each initiative to establish clear outlines regarding the execution aspect. Finally, the groups identified several opportunities that ICA could benefit from (e.g. increased cost efficiency, increased motivation, and engagement to work for the company) resulting from the implementation of ICA’s planned initiatives.

Vasileios Dimopoulos, Key Account Manager, ICA’s Retail Club.

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