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Sustainability at Clas Ohlson

The students in Clas Ohlson Retail Club had a workshop about sustainability held by Tina Englyst, Head of Legal and Sustainability.

Prior to the presentation by Clas Ohlson, the students were divided into three groups to make some preparations. Tina Englyst who held the presentation wanted the students to think about some of the issues she is currently working with, so she distributed four questions before her presentation. Each group was asked to brainstorm and come up with possible solutions to her questions. The following questions were:

  1. How can you make e-commerce sustainable and what aspects should you take into consideration?
  2. How does a retailer best help their customers to make sustainable choices?
  3. How can a company avoid “Green washing”?
  4. What innovations are pushing consumers to become more sustainable in their homes, and could be a possibility for Clas Ohlson to sell (e.g. solar cells)?

After the students finished their brainstorming, we then listened to a very interesting presentation by Tina Englyst, which led to a very inspiring discussion at the end. The students came up with various ideas on how to guide and convince the consumers to buy more sustainable products, as this is one of Clas Ohlson’s main objectives.

Hanna Meesenburg, Key Account Manager, Clas Ohlson Retail Club 

CFR Retail Retail Club